Why WorkSafeBC is a must for your business

Virtually all employers in British Columbia must register with WorkSafeBC. This includes employers in home-based businesses, as well as some contractors, subcontractors and residential employers. Registration is free and can be easily completed online. If your business is required to register and isn’t, your business could be fined.

  1. Small businesses may benefit in many ways from implementing a health and safety program:
  2. A better work environment due to the commitment to health and safety focus on employees
  3. Retention of good workers
  4. Greater productivity and better customer service from workers who are trained to do their jobs safely
  5. Reduction in business costs, WorkSafeBC fines and premiums due to fewer workplace accidents

WorkSafeBC has a great website that provides, information, videos, publications, regulations, tools, and much more and in a variety of languages, which may help you establish health and safety within your business.

Sometimes a lot of information may be overwhelming and or you just may not have time to develop a program for your business. Holistic HR can help you clarify your business’ needs when it comes to health and safety. We’re versed in what is required in a health and safety program and can develop a program to suit your industry. Not only can we create this program for your business but also we can deliver training for your staff so that they are aware of their individual responsibilities.

How much does an accident really cost your business? Use this online assessment tool to find out.

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