Workplace Policies

As an employer it’s in your best interest to implement and enforce proper workplace polices. These polices help to set the rules and guidelines that help employees know what standard of behaviour, actions, or performance is expected from them while at work.

Here are a few benefits of having workplace policies in place:

• Keeps your business in compliance with legislation and provide protection against employment claims
• Clearly demonstrate how employees will consistently be treated fairly and equally
• Creates best practices within your business
• Allows for a means of communicating information to new employees
• Helps management make decisions that are consistent, uniform, and predictable
• Provides a method of dealing with issues, complaints, and misunderstandings in the workplace

Many employers aren’t aware that they must also adhere to the various governing bodies in terms of workplace polices.

Effective November 1, 2013 – All businesses in BC will need to have a Bullying and Harassment policy in place.

List of legislated policies that every business must have include:

• Harassment and Discrimination Policy – Canadian Human Rights Act
• Health and Safety Policy – WorkSafe BC
• Bullying and Harassment Policy – WorkSafe BC
• Privacy Policy – BC Privacy Act
• Smoking Policy – BC Tobacco Control Act

Other important policies to consider:

• Computer and Internet Use Policy
• Social Media Policy
• Progressive Discipline Policy
• Attendance Policy
• Conflict of Interest Policy
• Confidentiality Policy
• Alcohol and Drug Policy

We’re here to help you navigate through the various policies and assist in implementing these into your business. Contact us today to discuss these policies in more detail and find out if your business is complainant.

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