Top 10 HR Strategies for 2015

1. Develop values and vision

When used properly, values and vision can be very powerful tools, especially for new and small businesses because they set the tone for your company culture. They also set the expectations for the types of people you want in your business.

2. Clarify roles and responsibilities

Effectively developed job descriptions add to workplace clarity, enhance communication, and let people know what is expected from them.

3. Communicate in person more frequently

Get to know your employees and talk to them on a daily basis. Assumptions are the result of not talking to your staff and this can lead to negative outcomes. Employees may assume a feeling of being ignored or that they‘ve done something wrong, and you may start to draw conclusions as to why they are or aren’t doing certain things in their job. The truth is, when we don’t have information, we tend to make it up.

4. Develop and train

At different stages of their careers, employees need different kinds of training and different kinds of development experiences. Investments in training and development of your employees can make them more productive, more effective in their jobs and therefore directly contributing to the bottom line. Gain employee input about his or her training and development needs. This creates buy in and employees will learn better when they can see how learning will help them perform tasks or deal with problems they may encounter in their work.

5. Develop or enhance company policies and procedures

These assist in defining the company philosophy, rules, and expectations. Without it, your company is more susceptible to legal liabilities, internal problems and misunderstanding.

6. Involve employees in plans for change

Form a team of employees from different areas and different experience levels to discuss strategic goals of the company. Before implementing any change, this team should discuss the need for change and how those changes will be implemented. This approach allows for employees to feel involved in the process and reduces the level of resistance to the changes.

7. Recognize and reward

Recognizing staff is critical to engaging, motivating, and retaining them. It is a great way to show employees that you value their input while at the same time increasing your businesses potential. Recognition can be done by anyone and at any time. And it can be as simple as saying, “Thank you”. You may reward exceptional employees for reaching work goals, achieving milestones or simply doing a good job. The key to successful recognition and rewards is to be timely and specifically state why the individual(s) is or are being recognized.

8. Empower your people

Empowered employees are enabled to make decisions and have a say in how they do their work. They are proud of their work and are more productive than dis-empowered employees. From an overall perspective, employee empowerment is a competitive force that can transform every aspect of your business.

9. Strengthen your management team

A manager holds a crucial role in your business. They push the business forward through its upcoming challenges and keep the whole operation running smoothly while building a team of motivated employees. Ensure that your managers have the right skill set to manage your business and identify where they may need management training. Throwing an employee into the role and expecting them to suddenly develop management skills without any formal training has proven to be a disaster in most cases. After all, most employees typically leave a company because of their poor relationships with their managers. Therefore management training is vital for success.

10. Have fun – be happy

A healthy, happy workplace can revive creativity and productivity and work against stress-induced conditions. Devote more time to making the workplace a little more fun. Create a community where pot-lucks, book clubs and birthday celebrations are all in a day’s work. There’s always room for a little more joy on the job.

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