Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection involves various steps in order for our customers to find the right “fit” within their business. “Fit” essentially means knowing whether a candidate has the appropriate skills, characteristics, abilities, or perhaps even morals in order to be a suitable employee for your business.

Holistic HR provides full recruitment services:

• Identifying the job needed
• Developing the details of the job and candidates requirements (the “fit”)
• Pre screening and interviewing selected candidates
• Selecting and placing the successful candidate
• Completing reference checks & follow up with unsuccessful interviewees
• Extending hire on contracts and other pertinent information
• Conducting innovative and highly successful orientation/onboarding methods in order to integrate new employees within your business

Through coaching or our direct hands on approach, Holistic HR ensures that our customers confidently hire new employees within their business and without any concern of harmful errors, which could lead to lawsuits based on human rights legislation or discriminatory grounds.

Checkout out jobs pages for our list of positions we’re currently recruiting for at this time. 

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