Recruiting Tips

One of the most common questions small to medium sized business owners ask is, “How do I go about finding the “right” employee?”

In these types of situations, I typically advise business owners to first review their recruiting process and ensure they have the following key elements in place:

• A job posting that clearly defines and describes: job duties, knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job
• Marketing of existing perks and benefits to attract candidates
• Screening resumes for keywords
• Asking behavioural based interview questions
• Conducting effective reference checks and necessary background checks

Job Postings

Well written job postings include: Job title, reporting structure, primary job duties, knowledge, skills, and ability requirements. Job postings should be a under one page in length and written as if speaking directly to the candidates.

Marketing Perks and Benefits

For recruiting purposes it’s paramount that benefits and perks are advertised. Not only does it assist greatly in attracting candidates but also it showcases the unique attributes that sets your business apart from the rest.

Screening Resumes

It’s important to screen the resumes before you make the mistake of interviewing too many candidates. Look for the exact experience, education, and skills that you’ve indicated in the job posting and create three piles, yes, maybe, and no, out all the resumes you’ve received.

Behavioural Interview Questions

Now that you’ve narrowed down your search to the top candidates you’d like to interview, ensure that you are asking behavioural questions in order to inquire about true past behaviour, actions, and experiences.

Conducting necessary checks

Before hiring the successful candidate, ensure that necessary background checks such as reference, credit, and criminal checks are completed. A common misconception is that references are not accurate and anyone could be on the other line; however, you can minimize your risk and confirm the referee’s identity and relationship tot the candidate by asking the right kinds of questions.

Ultimately, establishing an effective recruiting process may initially take some time to set up, however, the end result will be well worth it when you’ve been able to confidently find and attract that “right” employee.

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