Personalized Service

Holistic HR understands the true value of delivering personalized service to our customers. Our top priority is to provide customized professional HR in order to meet our customers’ business needs.

We recognize that our customers have unique business needs, which requires specialized knowledge. By listening to our customers we are able to gain better insights into how we can help enable them for future success. We also respect and honor our customers’ time and therefore are very efficient and timely in our response for service.

Knowing our customers
We believe personalized service starts with getting to know our customers. Initially through on-site visits we are able to form a better understanding of our customers’ business needs. Once we have determined how we can serve your business, we get started immediately. Being accessible and communicating effectively is the key to creating positive long term relationships. Therefore we offer our customers multiple methods of communication based on their preferred method; whether it is face-to-face, email, social media or by phone, we want to ensure that every contact made with our customers is yet another opportunity for us to demonstrate our values.

Make the most efficient use of our customers’ time.
Our hands on approach enables us to work with our customers more effectively. Meaning, we show up on time, create agendas for meetings, use technology effectively, and record our decisions and action items for future meetings. We also create deadlines for projects, and most importantly we end our meetings on time. Prompt service is key and that’s why we promise to respond to all customer inquiries within one business day.

Work within our customers’ finances.
We take great pride in creating and nurturing lasting partnerships with our customers. One of the ways in which we do so is by working within our customers’ finances. To start, we offer new customers two hours of complementary service as a testament to our value added service! We also educate our clients about industry standards and provide clear estimates regarding the amount of time and effort needed to complete projects. We offer completive rates for any size budget, and have the expertise to advise our customers accordingly. We provide creative and alternative solutions that make economical sense. Lastly, we are able to segment a larger project into smaller pieces of work extended over time. Not only does segmenting ease expenditures but also it shows our customers the quality of work Holistic HR offers.