Performance Management

Dealing with an under performing employee isn’t easy and most owners/managers tend to want to terminate versus deal with developing an employee. In many cases, the issue doesn’t lie with the employee; rather it is due to unclear expectations set by the owner/manager.

While termination may seem to be a quick and easy solution, you’re then having to deal with time and costs associated with hiring and training a new employee and if you still haven’t laid out clear expectations, you may find yourself in a continuous cycle of hiring and terminating.

Before you opt to terminate an employee, ask yourself these questions:
1. Have I clearly set out the job expectations to the employee?
2. Is there any way that the employee can say they weren’t aware of the expectations?
3. Have I discussed performance issues with the employee verbally and in a written format so they are aware of what they need to work on?
4. Have I set a time frame and learning plan for the employee to improve within?

If you didn’t already notice, all the questions point the finger at the owner/manager. It is important that you have attempted all solutions before pointing the finger at the employee.

Once all the questions from above have been addressed and the employee is still not performing, then progressive discipline would be the most practical step before termination.

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