The Importance of Onboarding

Many employers don’t have a formal onboarding processing in place. In fact most employers don’t realize the what a proper onboarding process looks like and why it’s needed.

“Onboarding done right drives new employee productivity, accelerates results, and significantly improves talent retention”.
-George Bradt and Mary Vonnegut.

Onboarding is important because it:
• Socializes employees to the company culture
• Explains how employees fit within the company
• Increases awareness of the employee’s job responsibilities
• Establishes relationships off on the right foot

A successful onboarding process consists of the following key components: Before the employee arrives, his/her first day on the job, ongoing performance reviews/feedback, and finally a 90 day performance review.

Before Arrival
• Inform employee about Parking/transit
• Set up email, phone, office etc.
• Email all staff to introduce new employee
• Prepare onboarding package
• Arrange access (keys, fobs, etc.)
• Arrange ‘buddy’

First Day
• Review documents – Work hours/shift; Benefits; Policies etc.
• Tour Company
• Point out emergency exits and first aid kit
• Review of department (staff and goals)
• Review training schedule with buddy
• Arrange for documents to be completed
• Arrange for lunch

Ongoing Review (During probationary period)
• Review performance
• Identify strengths
• Identify issues
• Create a plan to eliminate issues and then follow up

90 Day Review (Just prior to end of probationary period)
• Set Goals
• Discuss performance (strengths/areas for improvement)
• Create formal training plan or end employment relationship
• Conduct a formalized performance review process

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