Staff Party Tips

The holiday season is here and so is your staff party! Consider the following best practices to assist your company in planning a safe event:

1. Reiterate your company culture with employees emphasizing that excess drinking is unacceptable during company events.

2. Refer to alcohol guidance in your company policies.

3. Explain to your staff that attendance at the party is voluntary.

4. Request employees to review and sign an Agreement that provides company alcoholic beverage guidelines and informs employees about their liabilities for their behaviour at company sponsored events.

5. Ensure professional bartenders are serving alcohol.

6. Offer a variety of attractive, non-alcoholic beverages

7. Do not make drinking the main focus of the event. Focus on having entertainment, speeches, presentations, and activities for employees to participate in.

8. Avoid an ‘open’ bar; instead provide each guest with a limited number of drink tickets.

9. Always serve food, such as appetizers, from the start of the party so employees are not drinking on an empty stomach.

10. Limit the number of hours that the bar is open. Close the bar during dinner and two hours prior to the end of the event.

11. Ensure that intoxicated guests are immediately cut off; do not wait until they are ready to leave the party.

12. Have a taxi tab available for all guests or every guest who requires one.

13. If you suspect someone is unable to drive do not allow him or her to drive.

14. Arrange for discounted rooms at the event location (if possible) or a nearby hotel.

15. Contact your insurer to discuss appropriate insurance coverage for your event.

At company events, employee safety is your paramount concern. Employee guidelines, company culture, and appropriate planning will certainly assist in this matter.

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