Interviewing 101

As an owner or manager it’s important to know how to conduct effective interviews. Here are the basics that all interviewers should know before conducting an interview.

1. Introduction

-Talk about the company and the position that is currently open.

-Ask the candidate about himself or herself. The candidate should present a brief overview of his/herself and his/her career. They should speak to their past, present and future experience and education.

2. Body of the interview

-Ask JOB SPECIFIC questions and BEHAVIORAL questions.

-The candidate should be able to answer in a S.T.A.R format where he or she explains the Situation, Task, Action, and Result. By seeking an answer from the candidate in this format, you will be sure find out about past behavior actions.

3. About the candidate

-Ask his/her strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to understand the candidate’s honesty and confidence level, make sure to ask for examples when you can.

-Ask about future aspirations to find out about where the candidate sees himself or herself, career wise, in a few years. This answer discloses anticipated length of service with your company and also displays individual career goals.

-Ask the candidate why he/she may be the right candidate for the job. The candidate should be able to summarize his/her key strengths what makes them unique and stand out as a top contender.

4. Closing the interview

-Allow the candidate to ask you questions. This should help the candidate clarify job parameters: roles, functions, duties, responsibilities, reporting lines, changes in the company, new projects, etc.

-A good candidate should have at least a couple questions prepared.

-Ask for salary expectations to ensure the candidate is seeking an appropriate range that your company can offer and also to indicate that the candidate is well informed about current market salaries.

-Ask the candidate when he/she can start and about any prearranged commitments.

-Be sure to thank the candidate for his/her time and explain the next steps in the interview process.

-FOLLOW UP with him/her regardless if he/she is the successful candidate. This is a very crucial step and shows that you have in turn valued the time and effort that the candidate provided when coming to the interview. Following up could be a simple phone call or email.

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