Customer Success Stories

We’re happy to showcase our success stories and share how we’ve truly helped our customers effectively deal with employment related issues. The following are real stories and situations that our customers have faced in the past. Please note we respect our customer’s privacy and have received written permission to share their stories.

Success Story I – BC Employment Standards

Our customer was fighting an uphill battle with the Employment Standards Branch (ESB) when one of their former employees put in a complaint. With the quick and diligent research from Holistic HR, our customer was able to effectively present facts of the situation to the ESB, which led to the denial of the former employee’s claim. As a result, Holistic HR saved our customer hefty legal costs, valuable time that was spent researching into documentation, and an honest victory.

Success Story II – Terminating a Long-term Employee

Our customer needed assistance in terminating one of their long-term employees. After hearing the employer’s perspective on the employee, it was evident that the employee was not at a 100% fault, because there was a lack of policies in place. As a result, Holistic HR developed and implemented policies for the company, which explained the rules of employment as well as effective discipline measures.

The employer was able to refer to these new company policies at times when employee behaviours within the workplace were considered counter-productive (For example tardiness issues). In this particular case termination was the final outcome and Holistic HR ensured that sufficient documentation was used to support the termination. The decision to terminate was made after first determining if there were any alternative options such as job coaching or transfer.

Success Story III – Team Building

Our customer had a division of employees within its workplace where the culture had evolved into a toxic environment. There was little attention given to the relationships with the division and the employees were not held accountable for rudeness or disrespect, and the mood within their group turned poisonous. As a result, there was loss of productivity, low morale, and increased absenteeism.

Holistic HR was called upon to turn this difficult situation around. Through use of individual interviews, pro-actively solving issues in team meetings, holding everyone accountable for contributing, and focusing on team values and goals, Holistic HR was successful in providing a positive road map to success for this division.

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