Compensation & Rewards

The term ” Compensation & Rewards” is used to describe not only salary and wages, but also includes all the plans, programs, benefits and perks that are available to employees.

Holistic HR can assist you in setting up a pay structure that works for your business and adds real value for your employees. Consider enhancing your employees’ compensation package with benefits that speak to your employees needs. For instance, health benefits come in a variety of packages, and ‘choose your own packages’ where employees can select benefits that are meaningful to their needs has been proven to be a very popular trend.

We can help you discover ways in which you can provide your staff with effective perks that do not necessarily rely on monetary value. The use of non-tangible methods can be effective tool in rewarding your employees. A few examples may include implementing an employee recognition program or providing service awards and flex days. We can help navigate your business through the various options and benefit plans to find the one that best meets your requirements.

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