Harassment Policy

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Effective November 1, 2013, WorkSafeBC legislated that all businesses require Policies and Procedures regarding Bullying and Harassment in the workplace. Holistic HR had implemented policies and procedures as well as training for many businesses since this policy came into effect. This is a reminder that the legislation also requires training to occur each year, including: a revised copy of the Policies and Procedures provided to each employee and posted for all staff to read/review, and a record of all employees … Continue reading “Harassment Policy”

Why WorkSafeBC is a must for your business

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Virtually all employers in British Columbia must register with WorkSafeBC. This includes employers in home-based businesses, as well as some contractors, subcontractors and residential employers. Registration is free and can be easily completed online. If your business is required to register and isn’t, your business could be fined. Small businesses may benefit in many ways from implementing a health and safety program: A better work environment due to the commitment to health and safety focus on employees Retention of good … Continue reading “Why WorkSafeBC is a must for your business”

Top 10 HR Strategies for 2015

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1. Develop values and vision When used properly, values and vision can be very powerful tools, especially for new and small businesses because they set the tone for your company culture. They also set the expectations for the types of people you want in your business. 2. Clarify roles and responsibilities Effectively developed job descriptions add to workplace clarity, enhance communication, and let people know what is expected from them. 3. Communicate in person more frequently Get to know your … Continue reading “Top 10 HR Strategies for 2015”