Performance Management

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Dealing with an under performing employee isn’t easy and most owners/managers tend to want to terminate versus deal with developing an employee. In many cases, the issue doesn’t lie with the employee; rather it is due to unclear expectations set by the owner/manager. While termination may seem to be a quick and easy solution, you’re then having to deal with time and costs associated with hiring and training a new employee and if you still haven’t laid out clear expectations, … Continue reading “Performance Management”

Interviewing 101

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As an owner or manager it’s important to know how to conduct effective interviews. Here are the basics that all interviewers should know before conducting an interview. 1. Introduction -Talk about the company and the position that is currently open. -Ask the candidate about himself or herself. The candidate should present a brief overview of his/herself and his/her career. They should speak to their past, present and future experience and education. 2. Body of the interview -Ask JOB SPECIFIC questions … Continue reading “Interviewing 101”

Top 10 HR Strategies for 2015

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1. Develop values and vision When used properly, values and vision can be very powerful tools, especially for new and small businesses because they set the tone for your company culture. They also set the expectations for the types of people you want in your business. 2. Clarify roles and responsibilities Effectively developed job descriptions add to workplace clarity, enhance communication, and let people know what is expected from them. 3. Communicate in person more frequently Get to know your … Continue reading “Top 10 HR Strategies for 2015”