Harassment Policy

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Effective November 1, 2013, WorkSafeBC legislated that all businesses require Policies and Procedures regarding Bullying and Harassment in the workplace. Holistic HR had implemented policies and procedures as well as training for many businesses since this policy came into effect. This is a reminder that the legislation also requires training to occur each year, including: a revised copy of the Policies and Procedures provided to each employee and posted for all staff to read/review, and a record of all employees … Continue reading “Harassment Policy”

Performance Management

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Dealing with an under performing employee isn’t easy and most owners/managers tend to want to terminate versus deal with developing an employee. In many cases, the issue doesn’t lie with the employee; rather it is due to unclear expectations set by the owner/manager. While termination may seem to be a quick and easy solution, you’re then having to deal with time and costs associated with hiring and training a new employee and if you still haven’t laid out clear expectations, … Continue reading “Performance Management”

Interviewing 101

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As an owner or manager it’s important to know how to conduct effective interviews. Here are the basics that all interviewers should know before conducting an interview. 1. Introduction -Talk about the company and the position that is currently open. -Ask the candidate about himself or herself. The candidate should present a brief overview of his/herself and his/her career. They should speak to their past, present and future experience and education. 2. Body of the interview -Ask JOB SPECIFIC questions … Continue reading “Interviewing 101”

The Importance of Onboarding

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Many employers don’t have a formal onboarding processing in place. In fact most employers don’t realize the what a proper onboarding process looks like and why it’s needed. “Onboarding done right drives new employee productivity, accelerates results, and significantly improves talent retention”. -George Bradt and Mary Vonnegut. Onboarding is important because it: • Socializes employees to the company culture • Explains how employees fit within the company • Increases awareness of the employee’s job responsibilities • Establishes relationships off on … Continue reading “The Importance of Onboarding”

Vacation Entitlement & Pay

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The Employment Standards Act of B.C. provides that employees are entitled to take time off for annual vacation and to be paid vacation pay. The Act does not permit an employee to forego an annual vacation and only receive the vacation pay. Annual Vacation • All employees earn vacation pay on all wages earned from the first day of employment. • After completing 12 months of employment, an employee has earned two weeks of annual vacation to be taken in … Continue reading “Vacation Entitlement & Pay”

HR Quiz

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How well do you know the law that governs your employees? Test your knowledge in BC’s Employment Standards Act here! 1. Minimum wage is currently: a. $10.75 b. $10.50 c. $10.25 2. When it comes to paying overtime, double time is owed when? a. After 8 hours of continuous work b. After 12 hours of continuous work c. After 10 hours of continuous work 3. Which of the following is true in regards to just cause termination? a. Pay for … Continue reading “HR Quiz”

Workplace Policies

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As an employer it’s in your best interest to implement and enforce proper workplace polices. These polices help to set the rules and guidelines that help employees know what standard of behaviour, actions, or performance is expected from them while at work. Here are a few benefits of having workplace policies in place: • Keeps your business in compliance with legislation and provide protection against employment claims • Clearly demonstrate how employees will consistently be treated fairly and equally • … Continue reading “Workplace Policies”

Recruiting Tips

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One of the most common questions small to medium sized business owners ask is, “How do I go about finding the “right” employee?” In these types of situations, I typically advise business owners to first review their recruiting process and ensure they have the following key elements in place: • A job posting that clearly defines and describes: job duties, knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job • Marketing of existing perks and benefits to attract candidates • Screening … Continue reading “Recruiting Tips”

Managing Vacation Leaves

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Summer is just around the corner and that means vacation requests are now in full effect. As an employer you must know your obligations when it comes to vacation time off for your employee’s. Here’s a list of items to keep in mind: 1. Employers are required to ensure that employees: Take time off for their annual vacation; and receive their vacation pay. 2. An employer must pay an employee at least 4% of his or her total wages during … Continue reading “Managing Vacation Leaves”